I’m having a difficult time this morning. I’m having a difficult time thinking about this country founded on liberty, immigration, and acceptance in light of the election that just took place. I keep reading articles and updates from friends wondering how this happened. Really, how did this happen?

As we release this EP into the world, a huge question we are asking ourselves is, “why?” It’s amazing to me that the first track of this album speaks so relevantly to this day. Now is the time for kindness, peace, love, and unity. Give up the Facebook wars, the bickering, and the snide remarks. Look for the commonalities we share with our neighbors – they far outweigh the differences.  I’ll leave you with the lyrics from the first track of our album “Peace Like the River.”

Brothers and sisters, what am I to say to you?
I don’t know what you’re going through
I have not seen what you have seen.
Brothers and sisters, what am I to give to you?
I don’t know where you’re going to
I only know where I have been.
Though I am small and we are far away it seems
You are not alone, I’m calling out  your name
Singing love for the falling rain
Joy for the songs it brings
Singing peace like the river, peace like the river,
Peace like the river in spring

We need to love our neighbors more than ever, be advocates for the voiceless, and instruments of peace. Be kind to one another, and to my fellow musicians out there – let’s make some great art.