Performing at Far-West for the first time.

It’s funny how I always forget what silence feels like. I’m currently sitting on the floor in my producer’s brother’s old bedroom in Erie, Pennsylvania, listening only to the drone of a ceiling fan and a perturbed bird outside the window. It feels amazing.

This weekend was FAR-West, a conference in Bellvue for musicians, venue owners, house concert curators, and booking agents to gather together and connect. I was invited by Alaskan musician Karrie Pavish-Anderson, who is not only one of the most talented singers I know, but also she’s simply the loveliest person to be around. We traveled to Bellevue together from Fairbanks, and when we met up in Fairbanks, we realized we didn’t even know if the other person had siblings or not. But it didn’t matter; it felt like we had been long-time friends. And we got the sibling thing straightened out pretty quickly.

The weekend is a blur. I didn’t have much concept of time because we were in a hotel the whole time and a full-night’s sleep was impossible, so I just stole naps when I could. Workshops were from 9am-5pm, then the main showcase stage had a show from 7-10pm, and the “Private Guerilla Showcases” (for the particularly shy gorillas) were on two floors of hotel rooms from 10pm-2am. I had 8 showcases in 3 days. Craziness.

I was worried it was going to be a weekend of networking bombardment and a hurricane of business cards, but the community there was so kind and encouraging, it was more like summer camp than an episode of Survivor. Karrie and I stayed at the hotel on the “PGS” floor with two other wonderful songstresses, Mindy Dillard and Amber Ikeman. We named our room the “Ladies’ Lair” and it was a kind little refuge amidst the chaos, a perfect place for heart to hearts and tea drinking.

So why am I in Erie, Pennsylvania? I’m embarking on an adventure with my dear friend and producer Mike Adams to finish recording my album, “Simple Things”. He’s got a car resembling a storm trooper that we are going to drive to Nashville in a few days, then drive back to Erie and hop on a plane to LA to finish vocals and overdub some final touches before hunkering down with the incredible Jordan King for final mixes. IT’S HAPPENING!!!!! Excited feels like a word I’ve been using too much, but I can’t believe the emails, phone calls, skype sessions, and spreadsheets are finally manifesting into reality.

Thank you so much Rasmuson Foundation for making this all possible with your generosity. I’m simply in awe and cannot wait to share this music.

Thanks for reading. I love you all!