It’s hard to believe that this album has been years in the making and we’re almost done. The next steps are putting the final touches on mixes, mastering, and then coming up with a marketing plan and touring schedule and merchandise and duplication and…

Ok maybe there’s a bit more work to be done. But the important part is so close!!

So here’s the timeline of how we put this thing together. Mike Adams (my producer) and I met up in his hometown of Erie, PA, where we proceeded to have some much needed catching up and recording session planning time. This included walking on beaches and playing pinball in his parents’ basement, obviously. We hit the road and drove 12 hours to Nashville, TN, where we recorded the majority of the band parts for the album (just instrumentals, no lead vocals). My dear friend Tommy Cantwell owns a studio in Nashville called Big Punch Music, so if you’re in need of a rad recording space, give him a ring. It was an incredible, busy, blurry experience with lots of caffeine and bagels.

My amazing team! Mike Adams (producer), Tommy Cantwell (guitar, studio owner), Gavin O’Broin (bass), and the incredible engineer is Kim Auch

Many long days later and with the help of many wonderful and talented friends (Kim Auch, Ali Veech, Gavin O’Broin, Lars Thorson, Danny Pratt, Zach Wheeler, Tommy Cantwell, and Molly Lins to name a few!), we had the bones of the album finished. Mike and I journeyed back to Erie to drop off Mike’s car and hop on a plan to Los Angeles.

Los Angeles is a seriously insane place. The traffic is awful and the city essentially smells like a giant swimming pool. But it is so magical in so many other ways. The energy is infectious, like laughter, or a bad cold, and our friends who live there are pretty much the crème de la crème. We settled in, sleeping on various air mattresses and trying to maintain some semblance of a routine. Jordan King, aptly named, is based in LA and was gracious enough to be our mixing engineer/producer for this album (also he let us sleep on his floor). We recorded lead vocals for the album at Sunset Sound in Hollywood, with the incredible engineering expertise of Sarah Tudzin (pictured below, holding a guitar and looking fly). We also had the privilege of recording Liam Lewis on banjo, mandolin, and fiddle (he is amazing!).

Jim Morrison spat on this microphone!

The remaining songs were recorded right here at home, with my trusty Muskox Riders (Hanna Sfraga, Travis Burrows, Jeremiah Bakken, and Rachel DeTemple) at 10th Planet.

The recording process is exhilarating and wonderful. I got to make music with musicians who are not only extremely talented professionals, but who also mean the world to me. I cannot express in words how incredible it is to have my own songs come to life with musicians I love and trust. It’s like th

e best marriage ever. Or a musical love piñata.


Thanks so much for reading and I’ll have more updates soon!

Much love,