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Sirens of Spring Tour II

Posted by on Mar 30, 2014 in Blog

Sirens of Spring Tour II

Tomorrow night, March 31st I’m opening for Christine Havrilla and Mama’s Black Sheep at Club Passim at 8pm in Cambridge, MA!  I’m so excited to play with these awesome ladies and I feel like I should share the story of how I got this gig.


I went to North Carolina to visit some dear family friends for Thanksgiving and get out of the crazy city.  My friend Anna, her mother Nita and I spent the afternoon shopping and exploring downtown Mebane until we passed a quirky little restaurant that claimed to have the world’s best Margueritas.  Now you can’t just say that on your sign without having to prove it.  So, we went inside to test this theory and Nita gets to talking with a woman beside her at the bar, Ashland, and finds out she’s a musician.  We get to talking, I give her a CD and she says she’s playing at the bar that night across the street and that I should come play a few tunes between sets.

Nita, Anna, and I run home, grab my ukulele, and we return to the bar.  Ashland and Laura (the two members of Mama’s Black Sheep) tell me they listened to my CD in the car and loved it and I’m just so flattered and mildly embarrassed that I don’t really know what to do with myself.  Here are two women who actually make their living touring and playing music and they actually cared about what I was doing.  Crazy!  They graciously invited me on stage between sets and I played a few songs for the bar and had a great conversation with them after the show when they invited to me open for them for this show at Club Passim.

Life is wonderful and strange sometimes.  I am so grateful for this opportunity and I will never go anywhere without having a CD on me!

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